Citizen's survey on health centres in Östersund Municipality

Jämtland County Härjedalen operates five health centres (HC) in Östersund Municipality: Brunflo HC, Frösö, HC, Odensala HC with branch in Torvalla, Lugnviks HC with a branch in Lit and Zätagränds HC. Some of these health centres need changes in their premises as well as reconstructions, mainly the Odensala, Zätagränd and Lugnvik health centres.

A special policy work group has been commissioned to propose the number, size, and location of health centres in the Östersund area. Therefore, we would like to invite residents of Östersund Municipality to give your opinion by answering a survey. The questions in the survey are about the availability of the health centres, digital health services, and what is important when choosing a health centre.

The answers will be compiled and reported to the region’s Healthcare Committee, and will also be published on the region's website. The survey responses will be taken into account both in the policy working group’s preparation of proposals and in the Healthcare Committee's decision-making process, together with different factual data that is important with regard to the matter.

We look forward to receiving your answers!

Hans Svensson
Regional Chief Executive
Region Jämtland County Härjedalen

Your answers to the survey are anonymous. The results are presented as tables and graphs where it is not evident what any individual has responded.It takes about 5 minutes to respond, and you can submit your replies till August 10.

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Overview of health centers in the municipality of Östersund. Click to view larger image.


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